Friday, February 15, 2008

::{ is it too early to think about easter }::

I have discovered some great new websites, and they have my little gray cells working overtime with all the little lovelies I want to see around my home this spring.

:: I would love these tucked away in some sprouting grass in a long, shallow tin across my kitchen table.

:: A spring party just wouldn't be complete with out these filled with this deliciousness.

:: My bed would look adorable with this little accent.

:: This little hopster still has me giggling!

:: I would love these to hold my eggs
{cutest ones I have seen yet}

:: Add some spring to your hurricane lamps!

:: If I get snails in the garden this year I hope they are these ones.

:: Curtis is loving these for Father's Day.

It is Caitlyns 4th birthday on Sunday, so we will be lying low and enjoying all that she is! And even though I am on "Satan's Team" for telling her to go to bed, I am sure that by the time this weekend is over I will be batting for the good guys again!

::{ have a nice weekend everyone }::

3 observations:

ElisePeterson said...

Those cufflinks are hilarious! And I am loving those little egg holders. Cute!

Movie Queen said...

What cute, fun stuff! It makes me so ready for spring.
Happy Early Birthday to Kaitlyn!

Movie Queen said...

Dangit, I meant Caitlyn.