Saturday, June 14, 2008

the man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them

{ the date is really off on this post, I am posting it today, june 19th }

Curtis left this week for 5 days in Chicago for work. This is the longest we have been apart our whole marriage. I am desperately missing him. And (here comes the cheese) just wanting to be snuggled up with him, our bed is empty with out that big lug! I am counting down the days until Sunday!

I just had to post this adorable picture of Leesee and Caitlyn. This was right before we left for the Zoo and a mere 30 minutes before my camera was dropped at the Zoo and broken.

I had the opportunity to meet my favorite author, Chris Heimerdinger at Seagull Book on Saturday. Can we say awesome! I have been a fan of his since elementary school and meeting him in person was so exciting. I was shaking from the inside out and had such a tight grip on my books so my hands wouldn't be shaking. If you get the opportunity have Curtis show you his impression of me meeting Chris Heimerdinger, it is very entertaining and pretty accurate. Needless to say, I was a spaz! I though up all the "clever" questions and things to say and my brain just pooped them right out as soon as I got there. Oh well, my books are signed, I got his new cd (which is awesome), bought Passage to Zarahemla (very well done), and had a chance to talk to him for a moment. It was a good Saturday!

I just have to be a little snotty and talk about my weight loss for a moment. My exercising is really sporadic, but I have been working in the yard and having dance offs with Caitlyn! Which truth be told is a lot funner than Kathy Smith and her stepper! I needed another pair of jeans and was very surprised when I had to go down a size! 15 BABY! I was in a 13 before I had Caitlyn, so when that happens I can pull out that box of "skinnier clothes" and have half a new wardrobe. Also, I bought myself a few new shirts and I had to get the larges! AMAZING! It feels great! (Oh, and sorry about the photo, it's the most recent I have that isn't horrid, yes I am brushing my teeth, thank you Caitlyn!!!)

We had a great day! I made chocolate waffles with my homemade strawberry jam for breakfast on Sunday. Very delish! Caitlyn made Curtis a tie and I bought him the Indiana Jones Monopoly game for his Monopoly Collection. It's really cool! We stopped to see Uncle Joey and wish him a Happy Fathers Day. We bought him some sockem boppers for him and Tay to play with. She pretty much just wanted to throw them at everyone, she was so funny! Joey, Heather, and Tay bought Curtis the Thirteenth Reality . We then went to Mom and Dad's and had a little BBQ and opened presents. Then we headed to the park to throw a ball around and just hang out. We had such a nice day!

This is the cake I made for Father's Day, really fun!

4 observations:

Bown Fam said...

hey, while he is gone you can come and visit me!! I like that idea! Since you have come up here several times with out coming to see me! How rude!
My husband will be working graveyards, so the only time I get to see him he will be sleeping.

Amy J. said...

Congrats Aubrey you look great. I don't know whether to be sad for you that you broke your camera or happy for you that you met your author and got tinier! :)

Noelle said...

congrats on the weightloss! (while i'm chowing down on m&m's) LOLO. you look great. i LOVE getting out the 'skinny box' and finding a whole new warddrobe. awesome.
wow, that is really exciting to meet that author. is he the 'tennis shoes among the nephites' guy? i too am a total nerd under that kind of pressure. i'm sure you looked beautiful in your skinniness and smile. :)

Elise Peterson said...

That watermelon cake was AMAAAAAAAAAAAZING!! Every night I dream of it.