Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Daddy and I talked on the phone the other day and he was quick to inform me that I hadn't written anything on my blog for a long time. And I guess I haven't and I neglected to post the results of my give-away. Forgive me oh faithful two readers of my blog for not posting!

I really have just not been in the mood to post. I have become a little blue these past few months. Sometimes life just deals you a plate of sadness and you can't help but devour the thing. Then it sits in your gut like a bad meal for weeks. But I am the only one that can make myself happy again and that can be through nothing else but forgetting me and finding happiness in the service of others. And perhaps a hot bubble bath or two! I am slowing turning from blue to peach again!

I think I also need to remember how blessed I truly am. My family, my beliefs, my ability to wake in the morning, to hear my daughter, to kiss my husband. to eat a good meal. I am blessed in so many ways and am selfish for thinking I am anything but. There are obstacles and troubles, things that make me so mad that I want to scream, but this is where my faith and ability and knowledge of prayer comes in. I pray for comfort and I receive. This of course does not make the problems go away, but reminds me that the pain I feel has been felt by another, that he understands and he lived so that I may have his hand to hold me up when times are rough.

I rely on the comfort of my Savior and of my Heavenly Father to get me through the day. For this I am so grateful. For this reason I cannot imagine my life without the knowledge I have. How I would be searching, how I would be crying out for something, anything, if I did not have this in my life. I thank my Father for sending the missionaries to my grandparents door and for the Spirit that touched them. True happiness can be found in the love of God. I have felt Him with me. I still have a lot of growing to do, and I know that the trials I am going through now will someday seem so easy compared to things that will come. But I will go forward with the knowledge that I can do it. I can survive.


My Dad told me that he gets bonus points in heaven for all the blogs he is on! HA HA HA! So Dad you are on my blog.
You have earned a few bonus points! Put in a good word for me when you get there! Of course I think I get a one way ticket when I chose to take you on as my father!

Love you!

So read on, there are a few new posts and some cute pictures!

:: enjoy ::

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Amy J. said...

Yeaaaa! I won I won. Yippeee! I am so excited and I loved that it was a book game! Your dad is had soooo been missed!

Way to go on the creative costume! Doesn't it feel good to do it all yourself and not spend a ton of money AND she will be like no one else running around tonight!