Monday, December 08, 2008

the aging process has you firmly in its grasp if you never get the urge to throw a snowball

Saturday was Dad's B-Day! HURRAH!
Melissa did an awesome collage on her blog
**click me to see it**

This is the puting green cake I made for my Deddy. I totally used a cheater cake, but it still tasted good! But it made me feel good that my family could taste the difference from a cheater and my recipe! This thing took forever to make. I wish I knew an easier way to smooth the sides of cakes


We had our ward Christmas party on Saturday, it was a lot of fun! I really enjoy being on the activities committee. We put together these delicious breakfast casseroles and had fruit slices and gigantic muffins from Sam's. After breakfast we had a little performance of "The Gift of the Magi" by O. Henry. It was done beautifully. We decided not to have reading lines, Melissa's husband Jamie just read the story as the actors played it out. We then divided everyone into groups and sent them to different stations to learn new family games and traditions. Curtis and I volunteered to be in charged of the kids room aka the nursery. We had some fun coloring pages and snowman puppets. I wanted to have a little game for them to play, so I thought a snowball race would be fun. My Wal*Mart has recently renovated itself and has cut down on A LOT of the craft items they carry. I had a really hard time finding just some plain foam ball and I didn't have time to run into Orem. I am making little pom-poms for my gift toppers this year and thought they would make perfect snowballs. Caitlyn and I made some on Friday and spent 1/2 hour before school having an AWESOME indoor snowball fight! They were perfect, soft so they didn't hurt, but heavy enough that you could really lob the things! I had a lot of people ask me how to make them, so here are the instructions, I hope they are clear enough.

Make a bunch and have a ball!!!

{ step one }

pick out your yarn

{ step two }

.wrap it around your fingers

.the more fingers your wrap it around
and the more times you wrap it
around the bigger it will be

.I wrapped it around all my fingers about
50 times to get a good snowball size

{ step three }

slip it very carefully off your fingers

{ step four }

tie a small piece around the middle

{ step five }

slip your scissors into the loops and cut on both sides

this is what it should look like

{ step }

.now just fluff and trim it

.I found that if I roll it around in my hands
it does an excellent job of fluffing

:: fin ::

KayLynn gave me all these really neat sticks, they're all curvy and intertwiny! I want to do something with them, but I have no idea what! Perhaps just throw them away.....but I can't!

They are just too fun!

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to help me with ideas!

5 observations:

Safire said...

Ohhh...those sticks with some twine and a few basic Christmas ornaments would make a great wreath or garland!

Safire said...

PS- Forgot to say that if you soak them in water for a few hours they should be soft enough to bend into a round shape.

Noelle said...

your cake looks so good. glad there are pictures so all of your hard work can be kept. :)
those pompoms are so simple, i might even be able to make them! imagine. glad you like activities committee. when the bishopric came to say 'welcome newbies' to us when we moved in to sandy, i told them i don't say no to callings so they better not call me to activities. hint hint. they got the hint. thanksfully. i didn't want to move again. :)

Melissa Mae Johnson said...

LOVE the snowball idea! that is so cute!
As for the sticks, spray paint them a pretty color and stick them in a vase.

Amy J. said...

First off your cake is awesome! Happy B-day Uncle Gail! Second, I love your new quotes each day. Third, aI had a pile of cool sticks just like that for almost a year...never did figure out what to do with them. I can't wait to see what you decide to create!