Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I totally wasted about 45 minutes on this super addicting game today, I needed a break from packing for sure! Then I made a personalized one, so enjoy!

Enter here:

Enter code: l36m89f4

Make one yourself and send me the link and code, I can't wait!

2 observations:

Noelle said...

awesome! i got an A! how do you like 'zippy'?

Aubrey said...

So far I love it! She is a great storyteller. I believe that there are really people with a true talent to tell a story and make it thoroughly enjoyable! My friend is that way. She can take the simplest story and make you almost wet your pants! I can't wait to finish it. My local library that is the worst library in the history of all libraries doesn't have it, so when Liss told me she found it at the DI she mailed me her copy to read!