Sunday, December 30, 2012

Monster High School

Just a quick picture post of Little Love’s Christmas gift from Santa.

a revamped Barbie house turned


Monster High School


where the FEAR LEADING SQUAD can go to cheer on the game

now into the school where we find Draculaura and Cleo enjoying lunch in the  CReeP-ATeRIA

it is also the front entrance and locker hallway

up on the second floor we see Ghoulia and Lagoona studying hard in the MAD SCIeNCe CLASSROOM   

and next door Frankie is working her skills in the HOMe ICK CLASSROOM

upstairs you’ll find a wonderful place to relax as a student at MONSTeR HIGH, the COFFIN BeAN run by Clawdeen

Yes, Santa did a great job this year!

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