Friday, January 04, 2008

It Seems Like A Rather Blustery Day

I do not like January's winter. The snow fall's in December bring the joys of the season and make the holidays seem much more magical. But snow fall's in January are gloomy, and full of bitter cold. I suppose it does bring the promise of new beginnings and resolutions. I have noticed that a lot of people have put up their resolutions. It's been fun to read them and see what people have planned for their new beginnings! I personally have too many to tell! Oh bring on the improvements! I think the biggest one for me will be financial. Curtis and I have set a three year goal - I would be happy to make it in two! There will be nothing more satisfying to me than to save up our money and make a down payment on a house. To do something like that on our own will be amazing. I cannot wait! So I face you oh bitterly depressing January, and laugh in your face! You cannot bring me down, this is my year!

3 observations:

Movie Queen said...

What a great resolution! Seriously, would there be anything better to be financially sound? I am impressed.

Bree said...

Don't be too impressed, the year it just beginning!!!!! HEE HEEE

Noelle said...

way to go. this is such a great resolution. abe and i are counting down the days until we can begin paying off all of our 'extra' stuff. you are my hero for it.