Saturday, February 02, 2008

To Imagine Is Everything, To Know Is Nothing At All.

Once again my daughter's imagination and creativity astound me! We made some puppets the other day from felt, string, and googlie eyes. And of course what good are puppets without a theater for them to express their talent? So we took an old cardboard box and created a stage for them. Caitlyn drew it out, I cut it, and we painted it. It was so fun! The excitement one feels when their child's imagination flows is spectacular, and to see their faces light up when they have accomplished something like that is memorable.
::{ enjoy your weekend }::

2 observations:

Heather said...

that is so dang cute!!! She really has such an awesome imagination, I can only hope that Taylar follows in her cousins footsteps.

I can't decide between the two dresses, I think I"ll just get them both and decide later, lol.

Noelle said...

seriously aubrey, you are an amazing mom. wow. how much fun for her to have a mom like you that heps her be her.