Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Vegetables are a Must on a Diet. I Suggest Carrot Cake, Zucchini Bread, and Pumpkin Pie

::{ WHaT I aM LoViNG THiS WeeK }::

Besides all the vitamins and such that this tasty vegetable provides, both fresh and steamed, they are rather delightful on a sandwich. With winter comes the over pricing of our glorious fruits and veg, so the variety that actually enters my shopping cart can be somewhat dull. But I have discovered these wonderful julienned carrots, already bagged and ready for devouring. I have changed up my usual ham or turkey sandwich, trading out the tomatoes and lettuce for sprouts and carrots. Amazing to the pallet! A small sprinkling of onion powder to top off the mustard and you have a culinary delight! Thank you to the people who chose to cut the veg in this way, to save me a step or two and to bring such to delight to these taste buds of mine who were crying out for something new.

2 observations:

Heather said...

don't you just love carrots.

yeah this one is like 60.00 a month for only twice a month, not that great of a dealI don't know I was hoping to get some more fudamentals out of it. I am currently in the process of dying my hair brown to offset the orange I'm sure it will turn into a disaster and I'll have to shave my can tell everyone your sister-in-law is as crazy as britney spears

Movie Queen said...

I love your title. That's great that you eat vegetables voluntarily. I am horrible at that.