Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I've got mail!

A little bit ago my cousins cutie of a son pulled my name, refraining from eating it, for a contest. I was excited to win! And was even more excited at the wonderful prizes my amazingly creative cousin Amy sent to me.

.:thank you amy i love all my prizes so much:.


mail i do not like to see


uncreative cards from aubrey


love the scallop on the bottom

not my new desk calendar


plain wooden ruler


complete with my initial so everyone knows it is mine

boring old cd

{ FUN CD }

p.s. amy- number 2 (cheeseburger song by mr. lunt) was the lullaby caitlyn always had me sing to her when she was little

...the latest zucchini from the garden...

Thursday night was breakfast night, I made scrambled eggs, hash browns, and an apple cinnamon topping to go over this monster! I have been making german oven pancakes since forever and I have never had this happen.......

We purchased the re-release of Nightmare Before Christmas and Caitlyn wants to watch it everyday! She loves to watch the making of movies too, and on Sunday decided that she was one of the animators from the movie, Steve Harrington, and she drew this picture of Jack Skellington and then I had to sit down while she told me all about how she created Jack! I think I want to get her to draw a few more NMBC characters and frame them for Halloween!

:: cute ::

6 observations:

Melissa Mae Johnson said...

yay for fun mail! I LOVE the ruler. And that zucchini? HELLO! You could feed a small country with that thing. I think that idea of framing TNBC (which we're listening to as I type this) for Halloween is an AWESOME idea!

Heather said...

I love that drawing of Jack and I love how she wrote his name. I should buy that TNBC dvd I think Taylar would really like it she's finally getting into the Halloween stuff.

TaLaisa said...

What a fun pack of mail to find in your box!

Caitlyn is the cutest little gardener ever, holding her ginormous zucchini.

Alicia said...

Fun mail is so...fun! Cute stuff. Yeah, what kind of fertilizer are you using? Poop from giant cows? That picture of Jack is adorable!! It really looks like him!

Noelle said...

never seen that movie. i guess i should pick it up from redbox one of these days.
and what's up with that german pancake? it's totally freaking me out looking at it. i'm trying to figure out what's underneath it all.

Amy J. said...

Aubrey that was so nice of you! I LOVE the cheeseburger song and that is too funny that it was used as a lullaby! I really appreciate your post, this is the first time I have even been on blogs for a week! I have had a touch of the blues. I love how you said, "this is the mail I don't like. This is..." Very creative! Blghhhh! :)