Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Isn't this lamp awesome!

Okay, so the only thing about this picture that has to do with my post is the ping pong! I have been struggling more than ever with Caitlyn and her need to get out of bed a million times when she should be falling asleep. I thought about doing some kid of chart and be all cutie and crafty, but then I though nope, I don't wanna! So I grabbed three ping-pong balls, put them in a little bowl and told Caitlyn she only had these three times to come out of her room. The first night she thought it was a game and was all excited to bring me her ping-pong balls, the second and third night were about the same, but now I am lucky if I get two ping-pong balls collected! HURRAH! Who needs to be all cutsie and blah-blah-blah crafty? Ok, I do, but not this time!

A girl from my ward, Vicki Downs came over today and brought lunch for us to share. It was the most delicious salmon quiche I have ever had....well it is the only salmon quiche I have ever had, but it was amazing. A dollop of Daisy (seriously) and some green onions on top, so good! She also made one of those spinach salads with the vinaigrette dressing, cranberries, sunflower seeds, and red onions. I made a lime fruit dip, nothing too fancy. It was just really nice to have her over and to chat. Living in the place I live, and working the hours I work doesn't give me much of an opportunity for lunch dates or shopping dates with the women in my ward. It was really wonderful for her to come over, more than I think she really knows!

2 observations:

Melissa Mae Johnson said...

Wow, what a cool idea, Aubs. and I LOVE that lamp.
Dude, I know how you feel. I'm so lonesome. When are you going to move here?

Aubrey said...

...I dunno, ask Curtis...