Saturday, February 14, 2009

{ a day for love }

.: happy valentines day :.

Before I really start into my Valentines Day Post, I have to share something. I woke this morning as I do every other Saturday at 6:00 to go grocery shopping. When I arrived at the store there was alarmingly large amount of cars there. "That's so strange," I thought to myself. As I walked through the doors I began to notice something, a trend I guess you could call it. Not only was the store full of eager men in search for their incredbily last minute gifts, but they all seemed to have big, ready to burst, heart balloons, bearing such unique phrases that would let any woman know exactly how special she really was. Along with these slogon covered dirigibles, some men carried a cheap box of chocolates - "chocolate covered peanuts, unshelled" - or a beautiful yellow or white rose covered in what looked like saran wrap. And I can't even begin to describe the topsy-turviness of the card section. I guess what I am trying to get to is that on a day that is supposed to celebrate the love we have for one another, a day to express your feelings in actions and perhaps a small gift, does a mylar balloon purchased at 6:00 on Valentines morning really do it? I don't feel like I am being high maintence here, I truly don't. For me a simple gesture of service someone performs for me makes me feel so loved and appreciated. And maybe for some a little stuffed bear really does it for them, but to me it will always represent exactly what I saw this morning at 6:00 am.

And all this got me to thinking about Valentines Day. Where did this tradition come from? Who was St. Valentines and what exactly did he do to procure a day named after him? I did a little research and was a little disapointed in what I found out. Nothing. No one really has any clear answers for my quetions. There were far to many "legend has it...." lines for my liking. Even though I found nothing to satisfy my queries, this did nothing to dissolve my enjoyment in a day devoted to our loved ones, to finding a small way to go the extra mile for them. Cards go in the bins, flowers wilt, bears get lost or ruined, chocolate is always good! But a service performed will always be remembered and treasured. My friend Vikki was baptized and a year later sealed to her family on Valentines Day. She told me they devoted the day to their family. I thought this was such a sweet and wonderful way to spend a day like Valentines Day! Of course as an adult there is always the naughty side to be enjoyed, but to have the day as a family day is marvelous! So enjoy your family, show them you love them today by your actions.....and perhaps some nice chocolate for your wife *hint hint*

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boisebyufans said...

What a cute blog!!!! It is so nice to catch up with old friends. Be sure to give your family hugs and kisses from me. It seems like only yesterday I was making Mac N' Cheese for the "Peterson Kids" while your parents went out. What a wonderful family!! You have all grown up so beautiful.

Amy J. said...

Here here here! I would much rather my husband let me sleep in, clean the kitchen and watch the kids than get me some balloons and chocolates. You are NOT high mantainence.