Tuesday, March 03, 2009

:: one hundred :: (i made it)

I don't know if anyone out there has seen the 100th episode of Blue Clues, but they sing this really cute song and it has been going through my head all morning as I have been getting this post ready.

.:I finally hit my 100th post:.

And that of course means GIVE*AWAY time!

"they call me give-away bob 'cause i'm just given 'em away"

So in lue of Caitlyn's birthday post I am wanting all those who wish to participate to share a gooooooood birthday story! It can be one you hosted, one you attended, one that was given for you, anything really, as long as you were somehow involved! The winner will be sent a wonderful prize in the mail! Good luck!


Caitlyn has started showing an interst in sewing. "Sew" with a few helpful ideas from my friend Viki, I made some simple shapes on some leftover fabric I had and let her go! She had so much fun! And I thought she did very well for her first time. She is now working on a little cat, she is very excited to be a big sewing girl!

Mom and Dad are always so gracious to share their home with us for our parties. It just works better since all our family is up in Salt Lake.

Mom made this sweet doctors jacket for Caitlyn and even had her name embroidered on the front so she could be completely official! She loves it!

Caitlyn requested a Handy Manny cake for her party. This is about as good as I could do. I was going to be brave and make all the tools from fondant, but time just ran out. But on the plus side I was able to complete her tool set. She is a HUGE helper around the house!

These are some photos from her actual birthday. She wanted Mac n' Cheese for dinner with fruit and corn on the cob. YUMMY! After opening her presents we played Pictionary Man. If you don't have this game, get it! It such a fun game.

The soundtrack to Kung Fu Panda. For those of you who do not know, Caitlyn is a Kung Fu Master and if asked to demonstrate her skills, she is more than happy to oblige!
To see some of her skills click {here}

...boring old tissue paper...

a little pixie dust
{ fairy flowers }

...boring old front room...

a little pixie dust

{ a fairy garden }

I was totally burned out from the Handy Manny cake so we made some fairy cupcakes with little butterfly clips for the little fairies to take home. In the end this was really a smart thing for me to do, most of the little fairies ate about two or three bites of their cupcakes and then ran off to play. I am glad I didn't spend hours on a Tinkerbell cake!

It was really hard to cut back on all the pictures I wanted to post of her party! Really hard! I am opting for journaling instead! Caitlyn and I came up with a few games to play, one of which was "Fairy, Fairy, Troll " aka "Duck, Duck, Goose". Most of the little fairies loved it! Some just wanted to play in Caitlyn's room. We also planned a scavenger hunt. I made up a story that the Fairy Queen needed items for her Fairy Ball and had left clues for the little fairies to find. They had to find small pebbles from her garden that some squirrels thought were nuts and had hidden them away for winter. A large red button that was the door knob to her fairy house and without it she couldn't let her guests in. Her new party wings and headband she had misplaced. And of course her tiny bottles of fairy dust. After they found the last item they were to put them on the window sill where the Fairy Queen would pick them up. I had Curtis sneak into the room and replace the items with the gift bags from the Fairy Queen. I was planning on making up that I had heard a noise in the art room where the bags were, but Brooke saw them and got all excited screaming "Look everyone! Look at that!" It was PERFECT! The little fairies all went running and couldn't believe the Fairy Queen had left them something! Curtis even went as far as to open the window so it looked liked she had just flown off!

I found some really cute fairy wands at Joann's for a dollar! A DOLLAR! They had little butterflies which went perfect with our Garden Fairy Party. They all had a lot of fun designing their butterflies, but I think the little fairy who was the most proud was Aunt Heather!!

And what is a party without opening gifts! It was so nice to see how well all the little fairies were with sharing and giving! And Caitlyn too! I was worried about her, but she has become so much better in the last year. I was very proud. After the gifts were opened they all just ran around and played until their parents came. I feel pretty good about my first friends birthday party. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was really fun! And a little tiring! I am glad birthday's come once a year!

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Safire said...

That is such an awesome cake! Great job!

Melissa Mae said...

How fun! I wish we could've been there! I'm gonna need you around to help me plan Mae's parties. I'm not that creative.
Here is my birthday story:
For my 9th birthday, mom told me I could invite 4 girls over. I ended up inviting every girl in my class because I didn't want anyone to be left out. Needless to say, it was a loud and crazy night, and mom was pretty grumpy about it :)

Noelle said...

i had a pirate birthday for brigham. had them walk the plank that was actually a plastic table cloth with shaving cream as the sides of the plank, played a crazy game where you yelled out the different sections of the boat and the kids had to run to it and randomly you would yell 'hit the deck' and if they just stood there, they were out, etc. it was hilarious. i haven't done a birthday party since. :)

BensonFam said...

Good job mom! What a fun party! P.s. quilt info is on it's way - it took me awhile to unpack my sewing bag.

Heather said...

I really don't mean to brag, but Taylar and I had the best fairy wand of all.

The Finlays said...

Your Handy Manny cake is amazing! I am too chicken to try a sculpted cake. Just boring old squares or circles for me. I love the idea for her party. Looks like everyone had a great time. You are such a great mommy.

Amy J. said...

I really didn't think that was actually a cake! So impressive! Your fairy garden turned out amazing too.

On my 18th birthday I was given a suprise party which was great. A 16 year old girl from our Stake came (she was not invited) and sat on my boyfriends lap and flirted with him all dang night. But guess who got the guy. :)

Alicia said...

Hmmm...I have lots of good birthday stories, but one of my most memorable ones was my 14th. My friends gave me a surprise party at my house and we ended up walking down the street to this cute guy's house who happened to have all his cute friends over and they all ended coming back over to my house and I ended up having my first impromptu boy/girl party and we all jumped in the pool with our clothes on. It was very cool.