Monday, February 09, 2009

It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.

It has been a little bit since I did a post, so I am going to sum up the past two weeks in a Top Ten List. This is more the Top Ten Things That Have Been Going On The Past Two Weeks, rather than a Top Ten Count Down Of Worse To Best Things That Have Been Going On The Past Two Weeks!

{10} The amount of days my little love has to take her amoxicillin to get over this strep throat

{9} How many days I have had this stupid cough and sore throat and am now just getting over it

{8} + 74 = 82 which is the number that Mom's tumor markers have gone down to from 280! This is miraculous news!

{7} How many nights in a row my little love has gone all night without an accident!

{6} The amount of times in one day I went to turn the light on in my closet by flipping a switch, only to realize -yet again - that we have a chain pull light! How long have I lived in this house?

{5} How many more weeks until I get to drive to Arizona with LeeSee to visit Lissa and fam

{4} How many of us sat around a table at a really nice families house and played a fun new game called 5 Crowns. They totally beat the pants off this family!!

{3} How many little cousins will soon be in the Williams Family! Little Baby Hooton - HURRAH!

{2} or $200 for the amount Curtis sold some things for the other night, he was so excited, until we both realized that as adults most the extra money you get goes towards bills that need to be paid off......dang.....

{1} Big house to clean today...totally slacked off the past two weeks - GROSS! BLECH! DON'T COME VISIT ME TODAY!


4 observations:

Kamee said...

Sorry your girls have been so sick, NOT fun! Hope you are both feeling a little better. Let me know if you need anything.

Melissa Mae Johnson said...

I'm so excited for #5! That's my favorite one on the top ten list. Oh no, wait. #8 is for sure. I didn't know that! (I'm going to have to give mom a talking to)

Heather said...

thats so fantastic about your mom!!! I'm so very very happy!!

Grandma Cindy May said...

Hi, Aubrey, it's Cindy (Mindy's mom). I just jumped in to check out your blog because you are always so creative and do such wonderful things with and for your daughter.

I have to tell you that 5 Crowns is our very most favorite game. I have even made up score keeping forms. We actually have a family trophy that we made to award the winner. It has velcro names.

Anyway, I hope your mom keeps doing better and better. I hope you don't mind me peeking in on your blog once in a while.