Thursday, January 29, 2009

i do not like green eggs and ham i do not like them sam i am

:: It's all about being green today ::

Not in the sense of being all earthy and tree loving, although that is a good way to use ones day as well!

Nope today is green because of a little surprise that I received today from my adorable husband who was waiting until my birthday which is still two months away, then changed to Valentines, then decided he just could not wait one more stinkin' day! And also from my tender hearted daughter who had been crying because she loves my old computer to much and does not want to get rid of it even though we have told her and showed her that is has thpppptttt and does not work anymore! She wants to save it as a decoration, so if anyone has any DYI ideas for old, broken computer let me know!

"Wait....back up the blogging train for one minute, did she say old computer?" This is no doubt what is -or should be - passing through you lips at this moment. If not, say it to build some suspense for yourself or this next sentence will be meaningless....I will wait a moment.....are we good?





oh and did I mention


I was totally shocked. 100% as Caitlyn would say! I could not believe it when I opened the wrapping paper to find this little beauty on my lap. I was wiping drool off the poor thing for the next hour! Dear goodness! Curtis and I were laughing because last night my computer totally crashed, he didn't tell me until after he gave my the laptop, but hee hee! I don't care! Is that horrid of me? I am still kind of in shock as to why I have a laptop. I feel so computer geekish and like I don't deserve something this big. But I am working on accepting things better and boy oh boy I think I have made a break through with this little baby!

Anyway, I had to be annoying and share!

{ I named it greensleeves }


A little after post about the thppppptttt computer. Curtis was trying so desperately to get my hard drive to boot yesterday, so, so hard. When suddenly he threw his head forward and started to laugh. I turned to him and asked him what was so funny, and he pointed out through his fits of laughter that the reason the hard drive was not being sensed by the mother board and therefor telling us it was broken was because the hard drive was not in anyway connected to the mother board!!! So, the little thing is fine and Caitlyn is happy now!

7 observations:

Heather said...

yay that is awesome. Sometimes my brother is so sweet :)

That is really cool. Is that what it looks like in the picture?

Melissa Mae said...

yaaaaay! You'll find very quickly that you love your laptop a little too much. (i do) My laptops name is Gizmo.

Aubrey said...

Heather: Yes, he and Caitlyn chose the green one. She wanted pink, and although I am not in anyway color racist for pink, he said it was a little too pink for me!

chellekay said...

it is very nice!

Noelle said...

awesome! and i know you disconnected the hard drive from the motherboard just to give curtis a HUGE hint about what to get you for your birthday....right? wink wink. we'll keep it between us.
i love the color. you and melissa are making me feel bad that i don't have a name for my laptop. but honestly, i'm just not that sentimental. though we have named abe's gps. her name is Pat.

The Finlays said...

Congratulations on your new computer! How exciting for you. There is nothing more frustrating than a computer that you know is on its way out. Then you have the stress of wondering if you are going to lose everything on it. Enjoy! Oh and I LOVE the color.

Alicia said...

That's awesome!!! I can imagine how excited you are!!! New cool technological things are so fun, especially when your hubby surprises you with them! Enjoy Greensleeves!