Tuesday, April 07, 2009

and in other news

(thanks aunt heidi)
What am a saying!

Caitlyn named her Penny from the movie Bolt since she is a girl. She is such a sweetie!

My new baby girl - total snuggler

Caitlyn put Penny to bed when we arrived at Grandma Jenny's house

Just some photos of Conference Sunday at the Peterson's

That is bacon, not his tongue!

Grandpa Wally joins the fam

Grandma Jenny, Winnie (Winifred the Woe Begone) and Penny (Pennies Full of Luck)

Penny has her first bath at home, she even received a new towel just for her!
($2.00 clearance at K.Mart - love that place)

Warming up on the heating pad - sigh


Well we made it to and from Arizona in one piece!
LeeSee and I are both nervous flyers, but I think we did pretty good on our first plane trip with out Mom and Dad. I felt so grown-up! (hee hee) If Elise is willing you must ask her the story of how I distracted her with my bladder on the trip home. It was such a nice vacation away from work and household chores and bills and life! I of course missed my family but sometimes we need that little vacation from them too! Right Mom's! Mae was kind enough to give up her room for us. Or should I say Liss and Ton were kind enough to sacrifice their privacy for use to have Mae's room! The pictures I have are totally sparatic, but it seems that for the times I missed taking a picture Liss or LeeSee were ready! So check out the missing links on their pages for realsies!

Mae-Mae's little pose! She was so cute and fun to play with!

These gigantic mallows were everywhere! Dear goodness, how could I not snap a shot of them! I was extremely tempted to buy these and bring them home just to show them off! But I didn't think they would fit in my bag....oh well!

Melissa the old woman and Mae the backseat driver from hell - "myself! myself"
(you know I kid Liss, she was adorable!)

Liss took a nap and LeeSee and I decided to make ourselves boo-tiful. LeeSee chose the macaroni and cheese yellow for her nails. (She swore it was going to protect her on the plane ride home!)

Liss gets a back "massage" from LeeSee and Mae

Mae is a big girl

I loved that Mae was naked most the time we were there, so cute with her little crooked bottome crack (good job Tom). We were playing hide and go seek here and she was so cute at counting, she can count all the way to 10 from what I could here! WAY TO GO MAE!

LeeSee and I arrive safely at the Pheonix Airport excited to start our 6 day vaca with nothing but sisters, farts, pools, food, cards, and rice crackers.

After a delish dinner our first night there. YUM! Liss is a good cook!

What good is a girly vaca without a girly movie?
We went and say Shopaholic which was really cute! I wasn't sure if I would like it or not, but I did. There was no sex in it either which always makes for a great movie.

And of course what else would come next but dorky photos around the movie theater! Glad to see that the high society of Peoria hasn't tainted Liss!



um..........you had the be there........I swear it was really funny......

Waiting outside Oreganos for a little birthday Italian food. This place was packed, and even though the wait was really long, it was totally worth it. The food was excellent, they make everything fresh when you order, so your pizza or lasagna will take about 30 - 40 minutes to make. Josh Egan joined us, it was fun to see him and catch up. Crazy kid! Then.....




we got in and they gave Mae some dough to play with. I think the adults had more fun with it than anything!

I totally made that smiley face, I am so talented - SHA!

For dessert we had a SKOOKIE
and dear goodness people if you have not sampled this delight
Go now and find a SKOOKIE
Stop reading this bloggie and go get a SKOOKIE
Are you still here?
Mae and Liss took us to the Pheonix Zoo. It was amazing! Simply Amazing. We spent over 5 hours there and still missed I think 3 exhibits. WOW!
I love this photo of Mae, she was telling me about the monkey on my ticket!

This was the side view of the entrance
So enthrolling I know

Oh!! This place was fun! You actually go into the cage of these little spider monkeys and they are all around you! Jumping! Playing! I reached a point at the zoo that I stopped taking photos and started taking video to showmy family, I won't bore you with those, but know that the monkeys were really something.

According to Liss this is Mae's favorite part of the zoo
I can see why

Liss and LeeSee were petting a goat and it started to have it's afternoon constitutional. I have it on video, it's great when all the kids starting screaming and running away!

I petted a goat

It truly was the best photo opportunity in the whole zoo....truly

LeeSee's Pretty pose
And so it ends
Super fun!
Super sisters!
Super farts!
Super sad to leave
But I finally recieved a nickname
:: P-squared ::

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melissa mae said...

Dearest P-Squared-
this post made my night! That was such a fun trip! i can't wait till you guys come to visit again. I freakin LOVE my sisters so much.

Safire said...

Sounds like you had an awesome trip! And puppy!! I love puppy!! Mmm...puppy goodness. ;)

BensonFam said...

oh oh OH did that post make me miss Glendale! Isn't that zoo just the BEST?! Glad you had a fun sister trip (I'm looking forward to a girls vacation with my family in June.) Your hair is very cute by the way!

Amy J. said...

OK...I wasn't there and I laughed out loud at the wheelchair pic!!!! It looks like you had so much fun!!!

I think my freezer meals has saved money for several reasons...if I make soup I use up all the veggies I have. Normally some odds and ends would just go bad in the fridge. I find that on those nights when I would have nothing to fix I would either pull out the corndogs and chicken nuggets ($$$spendy$$$) or we would run get something to eat ($$$Pricey$$) So it has really helped there.

Elise Peterson: said...

OH GOOOOOOODY!!!! I love you guys :) The trip was a blast but it should have been about two or three days more!