Saturday, June 06, 2009

"my dad said be an actor my son....."

{ happy anniversay }
to me and curtis

One of the best things about celebrating anniversaries is spending alone time with your partner. I relish this time. Curtis and I don't get out as mich as we should, darn it, so any night out for us is really a special treat. I feel Curtis and I are pretty low key on our dates, which makes the ones that are "highbrow" all the more exciting! Like last night, Curtis surprised me with an evening with Don, Kathy and Cosmo. I about died when I saw the marquee above the theater with the words "Singin' in the Rain". I had no idea it was playing here! It was so fun. I am so grateful for a husband who enjoys plays. They were such a part of my life growing up and I am glad that we share that. Now a performance by the Utah Symphony might be a little tougher, but we are working on that! I had a wonderful anniversary, a night out with my sweet knees, a great play, some baklava - yum - and......well anyway, it was a wonderful 8 year anniversay!
I often catch my self with this total dorky grin plastered on my face when I go see plays, I can't help but smile!
Anyone else have this issue?
{ another thank you to the hootons for bbs }

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Heather said...

no prob!! And yes I always get that dorky grin on my face. I am bummed cause I would LOVE to go see a play or something for my birthday or an anniversary but fat chance of that happening, Joey hates plays. Although for my birthday 5 years ago he took me to a play, that was nice!

Aubrey said...

I am glad I am not the only one!

Okay, next birthday we, the girls, the only girls, will go see a play!

Julie said...

I LOVE your blog - you still have a that great talent for writing that I remember. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful and you seem so happy and full of life . . . wow, I've thought about my 8th graders many times and wonder where their lives have taken them - you've made my day!

Can you believe that my little baby I brought to Butler just FINISHED his 8th grade year?!? Time flies - relish every minute you have with your daughter - she'll be a teenager before you know it.

You're welcome to read our blog - i've been horrible at staying current lately - the month of May was insane, but now that school is out, I can take some moments to really do the things I love - one being, writing on my blog!

Julie :-)

Anonymous said...

That was really sweet of him to take you to a play! I don't see TJ doing something like that at all. lol. I can get him to see a chick flick on occasion though. lol.