Thursday, June 11, 2009


cleaned the house. did the laundry. had dinner on the table on time.
amazing what a day without the internet can do

:: also::
i love to see the serving plates come back to the kitchen empty

still glad i am a girl who likes surprise flowers from her sweet knees

elmo decided he had had enough i guess

miracle of miracles, i found my bottom my potatoe

i found those two missing library books, i was moments away from being taken away to jail by the book police, woo, that was a close one

i thought that princess camp would motivate my five year old to clean her room, i thought wrong

makes 11 days without any sugar
- minus the new cake recipe I had to try which I don't count-

i am ever so glad these little things can be bought sugar free

hit the sales racks at kohls and bought some cute - and much needed - summer clothes

2 observations:

melissa mae said...

What a great day! That potato bum is hilarious. I have a picture of a carrot that looks like the bottom half of a male. ha ha!
That soup looks YUMMY. What is it?

Aubrey said...

It's actually sole in a lemon butter sauce. It was delish! My Reams has a section that is all gluten-free items so it's all made from rice. I bought some of the linguini and it sure is yummy!