Tuesday, July 21, 2009

little green men

For all the pointless stories, ideas, sentences, blah, blah, blah's that come out of my mouth each day, Curtis is surprisingly attentive and respectfully listens to me. He may not really get all "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OH ME DEAR GOODNESS" at say the wonderful grocery savings I found at the store, but he loves me enough to listen. And I in turn do him the same courtesy. I love and care about him, therefore I care to listen. But he has an amazing talent in his hands (cue the naughty giggle) and can create some amazing things. I do not full comprehend his excitement of these little green men, but I can appreciate it. For he would cannot comprehend my excitement as I find sweet fabric or take a few hours to "gaze" down the cake isle. In this we have found a balance. I am very proud of my husbands skills and creativity to see a piece of packing foam and imagine and then create from scraps around the house, and amazing building for his men. Below is the link to his second blog in which you can witness for yourself the amazing talent that is CURTIS!

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