Saturday, July 18, 2009

my "me no likey" list

I loved this post Alicia did here so I copied it!

Here is my list of ten things that people L.O.V.E. that I don't get why they do....

1. TWILIGHT: Don't get all the hype, sorry folks! Saw the movie.......thppptttt

2. BRAD PITT and TOM CRUISE: Not attractive, not one bit


4. EMO: Ugliest thing ever, your boyfriend should not be
a snappier dresser that you, nor should he have equal/more
hair products in his bathroom cabinet that you

5. DANE COOK: Not that funny and he steals peoples jokes

6. CLOTHE DIAPERS: I know, the earth is crying out,
but blech, can't do it, just can't, shorry :(

7. CAFE RIO: Not all that good, pretty eh to my taste buds


9. AMERICAN IDOL: Singing is a great talent, but they all sound the same, lets get some variety people!

10. FAMILY DECALS: Why? Never been huge fan of stickers
on cars anyway, but this just is strange to me.

6 observations:

melissa mae said...

I agree with pretty much all of yours. Except Twilight the books are awesome (not so much the movie) so you need to read them! And I love Dane Cook. Love him. And Cafe Rio has a delish pulled pork salad, but that's all I've ever liked there. I am so on board with the rest though!

Heather said...

I love Twilight, but not the movie. I like Dane Cook, don't love him, but like him. I think Brian Reagan is better. Cafe Rio is ok, but its not my favorite. I think its overrated for sure. Everything else I'm 100% on.

Alicia said...

I love that you did this!! So here are my observations:
1. I do have to say the movie sucked, you can't judge Twilight on the movie. Have you read the books yet?
2. I think they are good looking but definitely not at the top of my list...and that picture, yeah, they're heinous.
3. Ridiculous
4. Yeah, so don't get it. I think they look so femme.
5. I don't really have an opinion on him.
6. You couldn't pay me to use them.
7. I've only ever had the cafe rio pork burritos recipe made at home, but it's my favorite meal on the planet.
8. Muscles are good, but muscles like THAT are nastification.
9. I enjoy American Idol, but not as much as some people
10. Yeah, family decals are too cutesy for me. I've never seen shoe ones, only people ones, I REALLY don't get the flip flops.

Fun list!!!

Amy J. said...

Love your list! And I am with Alicia on the homemade Cafe Rio...that's all I have ever had and it is amazing! Read the Host instead of's better!

Noelle said...

have you read hunger games? really good. and host is better for non-twilighters. :)
love your list. i wonder how long it will take me to make mine. i think i just really like everything everybody else does. i'm just that non-original. :)

Julie said...

LOVE it Aubrey - I'm with you on ALL of your 10 . . . we're soul-mates!!