Thursday, December 17, 2009


{ had to share }

There is an idea floating around Utah, Arizona, Idaho and California for a chain of non-pretentious Mormon-themed restaurants called "The Steak Center" (Where There's Never a Dry, Boring Meating!).

Each Steak Center will have one enormous dining area with basketball hoops at either end and folding metal chairs and long tables covered in plastic tablecloths.

The Steak Centers will not have hostesses, but greeters -- men in their seventies will meet you at the door and talk like they have known you all your life.

The main menu items for lunch and dinner will be:

Porterhouse Rockwell Steak

Primary Rib

Poor Wayfaring Pan of Beef

Parsley P. Pratt Funeral Potatoes

Eliza R. Snow crab (in season)

And It Came to Pasta

Kraft MacaMoroni and Cheese.

Breakfast items will include

Pearls of Great Rice

Frosted Minivans


Also available In Our Lovely Desserts:

Fast Sundaes

Gadianton Cobbler

Laman Meringue Pie (just sinful!) Our featured beverage of the month will be Grape Nephi.
The waiters will be 12-13 year-old boys wearing white shirts and their fathers' ties..

At the end of the night, the customers will be asked to help fold up the chairs and tables and vacuum the floor.

Franchises are selling faster than Sunbeams on Skittles! Get yours while they last!

3 observations:

Amy J. said...

Who oh who has the time to sit and come up with this stuff!? Hilarious and so sad that so much of it is sooo true! So glad you shared!

melissa mae said...

Awesome! I would go

Megan said...

Goodness me! Child labor laws would be grumpy about the age of the 'waiters' but the whole thing sounds mega funny.