Tuesday, January 26, 2010

rollin' with the homies!

I saw an add for this today in the mail and I cannot stop laughing at it!

I am a basic make-up person, not too many frills. I have a hard time spending over $5 of mascara if that will give you a better clue in! I recently saw a mascara wand that vibrates, yes, vibrates. I am unsure what purpose a vibrating mascara wand would serve, but again, I am not make-up savvy. I actually took a few minutes to look up reviews on the paint your face foundation and found that most reviews weren't bad. huh. But I am still laughing! So what a perfect time for a what? LET ME HEAR YOU!


Write your pitch/one liners to me about this product, I will then post them all and we shall have a vote on the best one!

DEADLINE: February 4th

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melissa mae said...
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melissa mae said...
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melissa mae said...

"Roll all your cares away!" (with a happy whistling tune in the back and the model laughing like its the best time she has ever had)

"Forget drop cloths! Forget that annoying blue tape! This is a paint job you'll NEVER want to quit!"

"At first we tested steamrollers, but quickly realized this killed people."

Noelle said...

shelac your way to beautiful skin!

Elise Peterson: said...

Mine is a song!
"Roll...out...the skin tone!
You'll have a face full of fun!"

It's weak.....but it's the first thing that came to mind :)

Anonymous said...

And the world has gotten even more lazier!

Heather said...

Now available at your local Home Depot...

*notice professional painting license required*

Amy J. said...

First off I love love your new blog look!

My first one is a song:
"Rollin Rollin Rollin, get those wrinkles goin', keep those scars from show'n Raw Hide!

"True Match...color coordinate any wall in your house...to your face."

Alicia said...

So smooth and easy to use, your walls will be jealous.

Next up: Peach Primer, by Revlon.