Wednesday, June 02, 2010

how do you spell bacon? Y.U.M.

Do you wanna know how good bacon is?
To improve other food they wrap it in bacon!
Today at work I made a special treat!
It was like breakfast.....
the pancake topped with the maple syrup topped with the bacon!
It was delish!
It is something I could only eat perhaps a few bites of - that maple glaze is awful sweet - but I did enjoy my bacon doughnut.
:: VOTING ::
Would you try my bacon doughnut?

3 observations:

Anonymous said...

I would try anything you cook or bake!!!!

Noelle said...

never. i am a food addict. this would be something even I could not morally or ethically delve into. too many bads do not make a right for me. that maple doughnut is making my mouth water almost to dehydration just looking at it. i'd just go for that.

Bown Fam said...

I'm sorry, but no. I wouldn't try it. I can hardly look at it. Bacon doesn't go with sugar. sorry. Maybe if it was a marzipan bacon.