Friday, June 18, 2010


Caitlyn found a littlest pet shop at the store and wanted to buy it. Her spending money was a few dollars short, so she decided to open a chocolate shop to earn the extra cash! She made just enough, two pennies left over after the toy was bought!

This is my latest cake. I took some gum paste flower classes and learned so much! The teacher was the same one who taught me almost 6 years ago. I was amazed - she remembered me and the cakes I made in her classes and that we moved to Springville!! It was nice to see her again. I was excited to practice my gum paste skills on this Under the Sea cake for little Olivia who is turning three! I am very happy with how these cakes turned out, very happy.

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from taylar

chipettes in the hot air balloon
...always keeping me on my toes little niece...

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melissa mae said...

I LOVE Caitlyn and her chocolate shop! What a smart niece I have. And that cake is INCREDIBLE! Ollie is going to love it. I cannot wait for the Chipettes!