Sunday, September 26, 2010

blt + teddy + little cousins = weekend adventures

I love the weekend!

Well really, who doesn't!

No school, no work, just family adventures! This weekend we added to Williams Family by one, little Mae Veon Johnson. She and Caitlyn get along so well. To hear them playing and giggling is one of my favorite sounds! We made homemade pizza's for dinner - delish! One of our favorites is my blt pizza. It disappears so fast.

The cousins love a good old fashioned cheese pizza, which they gobbled up!

But wait! What is this.....when did......memories from the past.....

(cue cheesy misty music from the 80's)

"Teddy? Teddy is-is that you? I-I can' I won't believe it is true...."

"and yet.....could it be true?"

"it is true.....oooooooooooooo......ooooooooooooooooo"

"oh Teddy I LOVE YOU!!!"

My sister surprised me with this Teddy Ruxpin doll!


Teddy was such a huge part of my childhood. My Mom made him closed and I had almost every tape and book that he came with. I slept with him every night, I can only imagine the batteries that my parents went through for Teddy. I had him until after I was married, then when I became sick and bills needed to be paid I had to sell him. This was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. My heart seriously aches just thinking about it. I have had to part with many things throughout my life and for the most part they were just things and it was no big deal, I probably could not name off more than three things out of the 100's of items that I have parted ways with. But Teddy, Teddy was different. I cannot explain the excitement that jolted through my body when my sister gave this to me. I love him and spent a good hour and a half on the computer checking out all the goodies I can buy on eBay for him!

Thank you Melissa, I am glad to have Teddy back!

A new generation of Teddy Ruxpin fans!

2 observations:

Safire said...

I seriously want to eat that pizza you have pictured on top! Post the recipe please?

Also, I LOVED Teddy when I was little too. So cool that he's still around. :)

jillian said...

Yeah.........I'm gonna need the recipe for BLT pizza. Hello yum!! BTW hi, it's Jill from good ol' BHS. :) I have a blog, too. It's private (because husband's family sucks rocks) but you can read if you like. But I need your email.

Here's mine:

Hope your turkey day was delicious!