Wednesday, September 22, 2010

well it's been a long time

I have been inspired by this woman to post again!

Arizona is treating the Williams' Family well! Hot and humid, but we are all doing well. Curtis is going to school, Caitlyn is going to school, I am working, our ward here is AWESOME! But we are missing family and friends a lot. Liss is close, but not close enough - stinker.

I know I have my little cake blog, but it's not updated all the way with my oldies, so I thought I would share the new ones here first. Besides, by the time I get completely updated on Spatula City you will all have forgotten these cakes and think they are brand new! hee hee!

I made these for two of the ladies I work with. I call them all my LOLs aka Ladies Of Lunch. They both have birthdays on the same day, so I made them mini hot lunches! They were so cute and tasted so yummy! I also made french fries from sugar cookie dough. I then put them in mini food boats. I didn't get a picture of them all together - sadness - but believe me they were adorable and a huge hit!

We drove up to Salt Lake the other weekend for a whirlwind trip to celebrate my MIL's I mean 30th birthday. They planned a huge luau, it was awesome! We decided not to make her over the hill cake all black and instead we made a beach scene that was all bright and deathy! Curtis made tikki torches out of candles, they turned out really well. The cake inside was a super moist banana cake and the frosting was pineapple. Oh! *drool* It tasted so good!

This cake was for my manager, the head LOL!! Nothing too fancy, but it was kind of last minute. I love it though. The green was perfect with the purple flowers and I had a lot of fun making all the swirls. Inside : my decedent chocolate cake with fresh sliced strawberries in the middle. Oh. I love it!

So here they are, three cake projects all within a week of each other - MADNESS! But I love it. I was sad today thinking about how I don't have anymore cakes coming up. Wish I could mail one to a certain little special someone in Hawaii........

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