Saturday, January 01, 2011

Should old acquaintance be forgot.....

I hope that this holiday season has been wonderful for everyone and that you have felt the Spirit of the holidays in your homes. We have had a wonderful two weeks off of school and work! It has given me a lot of free time to reflect on myself and my family. The New Year of course brings the blessing of fresh starts, new beginnings, a chance to set new goals and try to keep them throughout the year. A friend of mine had a wonderful post on her blog describing some wonderful "goals" or "opportunities". I am in love with the description "opportunities" and the way she will execute them in this coming year. Each opportunity will strengthen her core and uplift each person around her. This perhaps is why so many of my "goals" fail. To look outside the inner circle of Aubrey and try to see how I can make those around me happier by executing these simple opportunities each day, for if missed there is no coming back. There will always be a bin somewhere that needs sorting, no matter how organized I try to make myself. My body will always carry more pounds than I think it needs. But my daughter will not always be six and want me to play Rescue Rangers with her. The person I should have shared a mile with may have been changed as I have been when a smile is shared with me. Sharing something I love with someone else cannot be achieved while making sure my toilet is methodically scrubbed on the same day each week. So for those of you who are still with me here, this is your prize ... a prize! Yes, a contest, what better way to begin the New Year! This is perhaps a little selfish as far as contests goes, but I need the inspiration! Tell me about an opportunity or goal that you have set and kept the whole year through and your experience! Contest ends on January 15th, two weeks from today!

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melissa mae said...

I love this post. You are so good with words.
The goal I've set and kept was just to draw more, and I did that in 2010. I drew a lot and instead of doing it for the chance of getting rich off my talents, I did it just because I love doing it.

Alicia said...

I honestly can't say that I have ever stuck to a resolution or goal and saw it through to the end. In fact, I know I haven't. But I can tell you about the one I am working on this year, that I am determined to achieve: no sugar for a year. I'm still going strong after a week and it feels awesome. Our family resolution was to read the entire Book of Mormon this year, reading every single day and we haven't missed a day yet! This was a great post, a great reminder!

Megan said...

I love this post of yours, it is amazing to me the opportunities that present themselves. 2010 was such an amazing year with so many opportunities for me. I am most happy about the decision to change my life by returning to church, repenting, and becoming obedient to the Lord's will. I feel like a new (BETTER) person. I am so much happier, I see so much joy and beauty in the world. I now know that I need not always look backwards at the past to determine the road ahead of me. I look forward to the future with hope.

Julie said...

I'm so happy my post inspired you, and yes, "opportunity" is a beautiful thing! Every evening before I fall asleep I take a moment to reflect on how I was blessed that day, or how I might have blessed someone else's life. If I don't think I did a very good job at making my family or friends feel good about themselves, I just know that tomorrow is another day and I'll try harder.

I love this quote by Benjamin Franklin:

"Be always at war with your vices,
at peace with your neighbors,
and let each new year find you a better man."

That is what it is all about - becoming a better person each year :-).

May you continue to look for new opportunities, and always have a goal or two as well!!