Friday, January 18, 2008

For My Rooster....

I am going to steal Alicia's idea and put up some interesting tidbits about Curtis for his birthday which was January 14th, so here we go

:: Curtis was born on January 14th, but his birth certificate says January 15th, and the doctor that delivered him has past away so it can't be changed

:: Curtis has scoliosis

:: He is amathophobic, has a mini van phobia

:: When he whistles his top lip sticks out, really far ::

:: Is missing his front tooth because he got hit in the face with a bowling pin ::

:: Is one of the most giving people I know ::

:: Has an addiction to nightly PBS shows ::

:: Loves those little Armor hot dogs that come in a can ::

:: When he was little he aspired to be a rodeo clown ::

:: Favorite phrase "My brain just turned off" ::

:: Wants to build our future home out of an airplane ::

:: Is a Tetris Master ::

:: Pronounces decorating "duck-orating" (sorry babe, had to throw that one in there!) ::

:: Is the absolute love of my life::

*Love you Rooster*

4 observations:

Movie Queen said...

How fun! I liked learning about your hubby...I don't know anything about him! It was fun getting an insight into your guys' marriage.

Heather said...

I am his sister and I had no idea had has scoliosis!!! When did he find out he had that? I sure don't know my brother as well as I thought, lol.

Aubrey said...

He had is when he was little, I don't know if he technically has is anymore, I do not know that much about it. I do know it was a small case, just a small curve in his spine. But that is about all.

Noelle said...

i love this. fun little tidbits of info. we could chat in length regarding pbs nightly specials. i too am quite the pbs geek. i swear that one on WWII with that lady with the southern accent has been on atleast 10 times since november. it was really good the first time.