Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Prophet

I have been watching some videos and interviews from people in regards to the passing and to the life of our beloved Prophet. It has filled my heart with so much joy to hear and feel the spirit among the people of this world. I am grateful for the knowledge and belief that we have of our life after this earth, and I can be happy and at peace because of this. To imagine the greeting that he must have arrived to in heaven is greater than I can picture, the shouts of hosanna for him must have been enough to shake the earth. How can one put into words the kind of man he is? As I have sat and pondered our Prophet and why he was My Prophet, my mind was frequently bringing up the quote from Joseph Smith, "I teach them correct principles and they govern themselves." For years I waited to hear from President Hinckley at Conference time for some big revelation or announcement. I was grateful when I realized that the words he was speaking were more for me to have a realization. I know right from wrong. I know the commandments. I know the things the Lord has asked of me. The point is, to do it. For me this was one of the stronger points in the Prophets ministry here on earth, we have been given the correct principles, and then it is up to us. Up to us to continue the work, to serve others, to be strong in our beliefs and never waiver. We can not rely upon the light of others, we must find that light for ourselves and keep it diligently burning in our souls if we are to survive. I love President Hinckley, his humble nature, his sense of humor, and the quiet and reverent nature in which he did things. I feel blessed everyday to have been able to hear his words, to learn the lessons I did from him, and to have such a great example. I hope that somehow he knows that the work he did here for the people of this earth was great.