Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quick Like A Bunny

.:caitlyn enjoyed her basket as a bonnet this year:.

.:the finished product:.
{i procrastinated all week to finish this, and was quite amazed at myself when i completed it in only a few hours saturday night}

.:i love that i can say i made this:.

Easter weekend was overall very nice. After church we drove up to Salt Lake, and we were able to make all the rounds to see family. Tamara and Steve came in for the weekend which is always nice! We did miss the annual Carlson Egg Hunt which was really sad, and we didn't get to see cousin Taylar very much either. Grandma Williams had a nice little treat bag for Caitlyn, she is so thoughtful. Grandpa Wally set up a little egg hunt that Mae and Caitlyn went on. Mae really didn't care about finding the eggs, more just wanted to open them all! We spent the night in a hotel. Caitlyn was so excited it was hard to get her to sleep. She was exploring everything and talking about everything and touching everything! When Curtis opened the door to the bathroom I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head; so sad to see her face when she discovered it was only a toilet and tub! Curtis also started his new job on Monday, a very nice 6:30 am shift. It's going to be nice to have him home in the evenings.
Hope you all had good Easters as well!

7 observations:

Noelle said...

what is his new job? the dress is princess beautiful. did she twirl all day long?

Bown Fam said...

So um... can you make me a dress? I think it is very pretty.
Next time you come up let me know so I can come see you!!

Heather said...

I was so sad we did not get to see you guys very long. Taylar loves her cousin and I was bummed we had to go so soon. I love the picture of Cailtyn with the basket on her head, it's too funny. I also love the hotel story. I remember staying in hotels when I was little and how exciting it was, like a little adventure. You know what you guys should do one time, save up a little money and go spend hte night at a B&B somewhere. Cailtyn would LOVE that because they have themed rooms and a nice breakfast in the morning. Oh thi summer Joey and I want to take a road trip, you guys should come with us (car situation pending of course) we were thinking about Dinosaur land in Vernal or something. I think it would be so much fun for our two families to go do something together the 6 of us and maybe Richard if he wants to go.

Movie Queen said...

Oh, the cloth baskets! We had those growing up! What memories. The dress turned out awesome. What job did Curtis start?

Aubrey said...

Curtis got a new position at his job, he is now a lead/supervisor. He deserves it so much, he is such a hard worker!

Heather said...

your jibjab thing is too funny.

Aubrey said...

HEATHER : I am so sorry, I thought I totally replied to your message about the road trip! Of course we would love love love to go! It would be so fun! It would be awesome to take a road trip to see your Mom for a week too!

I loved your jib jab, totally added it to my blog just moments ago! Those things are grrrreat!