Thursday, May 08, 2008

90's workout tapes, doughnuts, and pioneer bottoms

So if you had the pleasure of reading my previous post, I spoke about being idle or getting off my rear and getting in gear! Last October I had dreams and hopes of being back to a size 8 by my anniversary, struttin' into the room in a nightie I haven't been able to wear since I had Caitlyn. In this carefully thought out plan I decided I needed a schmancy fancy gym membership to Gold's Gym, after all, all the people that go in and out of there on the TV are so skinny, and shiny, and have long , beautiful hair, and sport those yummy workout drinks, why shouldn't I be able to walk in there one day and walk out looking like this the next? I guess my gym here in little Spanish Fork doesn't work that way! But I must say my comfort level when I did go (all 7 times) was pretty relaxed. That is to say the woman around me looked like me! It's 5:00 in the morning - no make-up, husbands outside work shirt, old sweatpants, hair in a nasty pony tail - it was great! I did not feel threatened by these woman, it was the machines!! I have no idea what to do with them! I love the treadmill and the elliptical machines, but hand me a weight and I have no idea how to work them! So the gym thing was just not working out. Then I remembered the lovely 90's Kathy Smith workout videos I have collecting obnoxious amounts of dust in the back of my closet.

What better way to start my day - which should not be at 5:00 am - than a Great Buns and Thighs workout tape. Sadly I do not have a stair stepper anymore, but I have made a promise with myself that when I get to 20 days of working to get great buns and thighs then I may buy myself a stair stepper. This promise is really more a goal, seeing as how even if I had one I am so out of shape if I used the dang thing, they would find my passed out on top of it with Kathy Smith on the TV telling me to "work it harder"!!! So I figure 20 straight days of it will get me to there! So here is to my first week of getting back those great buns and thighs I used to have...haa haaa haa! I am three days is and already feeling the results!

Caitlyn wanted to make a special surprise treat for Curtis, so we made homemade dough nuts. These little delights are so good! It was all I could do not to eat them while she was at school!



I also must share one last item! We had our ward Cinco de Mayo celebration on Saturday. Curtis and I have been blessed again to work on the activities committee!!! No, we really love it! So after the delish taco salads and drippy popsicles, we got a kick ball game going in the field. As we were standing around watching the game, a friend of Caitlyn's named Brooke Ells walked up to us. Her arms were loaded with rocks and sticks and leaves. "WOW! Brooke, look at all those great things you have found! Look at those nice green leaves, they look so soft!" I told her. She looked up at me with those gorgeous round blue eyes she has and says to me, "Pioneers used these on there bums." Now I must say that this really was the last thing I thought to come out of her mouth, my daughter would have spouted off some magic fairy use for them, or told me about how her sister used to love to collect leave and rocks, but she doesn't anymore because she died, I mean anything but what Brooke said! So I am trying to hard not to laugh at the mere shock of these words, and I say, "Well, those leaves are so soft, I would want to use them on my bum too." She nods her head as if to tell me, "Duh, that is why they used them." Then went skipping off. There must have been a FHE lesson on pioneers not to long ago at the Ells' house!

4 observations:

Heather said...

I have to say I'm a little disturbed by Cailtyn's my sister died stories

Melissa Mae Johnson said...

You go girl! I LOVE Kathy Smith, especially her "Lift Weights to Lose Weight" Best video EVER. And those donuts? Oh my gosh. I wish I lived with you. I hope when we finally have our own place again, I'm as cool a mom as you. Seriously.
And the "my sister died" stories. I can relate. I STILL feel like we're missing someone everytime the whole fam is together. I wonder why we all feel that way?

Aubrey said...

It is a little disturbing! I wish I knew where is spawned from. But it's funny to see peoples reaction when they don't understand. Is that cruel?

Kamee said...

You go girl!! I'm thinking your 20 days will be here before you know it. Does if have to be 20 days in a row? My 20 days I'm sure would take like a year:). You will do great, even though you already look amazing...boy is Curtis in for a happy suprise come your anniversary!
I'm thinking next time Graycee wants to visit the bakery for a yummy donut we will be coming to the Aubrey and Caitly bakery..yummy!