Friday, May 02, 2008

Call me Stretchy

I have felt like one of those gooey stretchy toys the past few weeks! Like I have been pulled a million different directions. Once I complete one project two more pop up. I can only imagine what it will be like when I have more children. I am glad that Caitlyn seems to be over this two month on again off again cold thing. Poor thing! But I am armed with the Lysol can, had Curtis change the filters, and am washing hands several times a day. Call me a freak I do not care!!

I have only now realized that Curtis has his computer hooked up and mine is sitting quietly a few feet from me. I want to get some pictures posted, but I am not wanting to take the time right now to switch them over.

I feel as though I am rambling about nothing. So much has been on my mind lately and I have felt so crazy with projects but now that I am taking a quick moment to write nothing is coming to my mind!

Elise and I went to the book release of the new Fablehaven book at Cottonwood High, it was amazing! The set up that Shadow Mountain did was incredible. They had the gazebo and pond that Lena lives in, the gate of certain death, Muriel all bound up with her ropes, somehow they got the Knights of the Dawn to make an appearance, and convinced a fairy to come as well. It was a long night and a long wait to meet Brandon Mull, but how can one miss out on the opportunity to have a book signed by the author. And I must also point out that Elise has met him on a previous occasion and he recognized her, pretty neat! Mom read the book in like a day I think! If you have not checked out this! Writers like Brandon Mull are such inspirations, to come up with such creative ideas and to keep them consistent and believable is such talent. One that I shamelessly covet!

I have been listening again to the talk by John Bytheway called "Turn Off The TV And Get A Life" If you haven't heard this talk I highly recommend it. He talks about how when he was in college he decided that he would go to bed earlier and rise earlier, so as to write for a few hours before his classes started. And how just making the time for that for four months completely changed his life forever! There is more to the story that than obviously, but it was such an inspiration and reminder to me to not be an idle person. Of course I don't mean idle in the sense that I sit around all day and don't care for my family, church callings, work, things like that, but idle in the sense of expounding my talents. No one can do this for me. And if I stand idle how will I know where my talents could take me? I do not wish to watch people's dreams come true, I want to get out there and make mine come true! So here is to a new beginning of trying to shape myself into a better person and bring out the few talents that I have! And now I am off to Walmart to expound a talent, shopping for bargains on blocks of cheese for our Ward Cinco de Mayo Celebration! Wish me luck!

5 observations:

Elise Peterson said...

Brandon Mull is basically the nicest guy on the planet. It was definitely worth the wait (and falsely thinking we were first in line) to meet him :D

Megan said...

I'm so sorry I missed out on the chance to meet him with you!

Movie Queen said...

I've been wondering where you went. I was worried you'd stopped blogging forever. Glad to see you're not.

Bown Fam said...

So does not being idle include blogging? Cause then I would be being idle right now. Dang it. I don't watch TV, but I'm sure there is more time for me to also do more with my talents. You are an insperation! (I wish this had spell check. I'm the worst.)

Aubrey said...

Megan I did not know you had a bloggie blog! Don't worry about not coming, it was so last minute. There will be another time my furry friend!