Friday, May 09, 2008

Part of His World

The most blessed event of the our time took place in Caitlyn's room today. Ariel and Prince Eric were finally married! It was a beautiful ceremony. The couple danced their first dance to my cell phones rendition of Rhapsody in Blue, then after each guest had a chance to say "CONGRATULATIONS" Prince Eric offered a wonderful "wedding prayer" before we ate.

:: the happy couple ::

:: wedding food ::

:: the guests toasting the new couple ::

The couple is now on their way to a fun and exciting honeymoon in Egypt for a safari. They ask that in lieu of gifts please donate to the Save Our Oceans Fund. It has been rumored that Prince Eric and Ariel will give birth to their first child today, little Melody.
{ We want to wish this couple all the happiness in the world }

5 observations:

Kamee said...

So CUTE!! I'm thinking me and Graycee better send our CONGRATS to the happy couple. What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!

Melissa Mae Johnson said...

Congratulations, Ariel and Eric! hee hee

Heather said...

whats funny is that Taylar and I watched the Little Mermaid 2 yesterday, lol.

I'm very jealous of Eric and Ariel, I wanted to have soda and dryers ice cream at MY wedding

Anonymous said...

Was I not invited because I am "The Drunk Uncle"?
Every good wedding has a drunk uncle, duh!

Aubrey said...

I apologize Uncle Aaron, the ceremony was put together so fast, what with the sea witch Ursula trying to take over Ariel's father's kingdom with his trident and all, invitations just didn't have a chance to get out. And if you notice the guests, all taken from extras in other movies, I mean do you seriously think Ariel or Eric knew Scarlett from Gone With the Wind? And what is with the Island Princess Barbie or modern day Prego Barbie? And the food? Yes, leftovers from craft services! I hope you understand!