Wednesday, August 13, 2008

{ pools, parks, and picnics }

I am sad to think that summer is almost over and I haven't done most the things I wanted to accomplish. I feel like it's a bit of an easy out to blame it on my job, but those 11:00 - 6:00 hours of being stuck completely at home kind of does that to you! I kept thinking it would be fun to snag some 7 Peaks Water Park passes for the summer....when would I have time? Hopefully next summer will be different. I told Curtis that even when I am no longer working full-time (where ever that happens to be) I would really like to get some part-time work at Barnes and Noble again. My good friend Janet and I often have long, depressing conversations on feeling completely left out of the book world. There is something addicting about that job, something about the smell of new arrivals and knowing a little bit ahead of the masses what books are being released and when. Storage units just aren't the same, oh there is something to be said about the "treasure hunts" through someones old units, how can I knock paying $100 dollars for two flat screen tv's, dvd player, brand new video camera, adorable white bed for Caitlyn, oh, and that wonderful new shelf in my kitchen. No there is something fun with all that, but the pure joy of working around books, there will never be any job that will compare! But I digress .... a lot!

One of my favorite summer places is the park, especially with kids! How else can you justify playing on those contraptions? Plus, exercise! I forgot that Caitlyn ended her gymnastics class last week, so upon arriving at the school and seeing only a few cars, I was quickly reminded! We went to the Purple Park and played for an hour and a half! What fun! After much prompting from Caitlyn, I tried going down the twisty-tube slid on my belly...not such a good idea! I am glad we were the only ones there. At one point I told Caitlyn that the slides tickle my tummy and she gave me the most inquisitive look. After a few moments she looked at me and said "Mom, slides don't have arms!"

I have been trying to get Curtis to the water park for about a week and half now, and after I failed miserably, I sent Caitlyn in to do the dirty work. His answer of "maybe" got my hopes up! So we packed it up and headed out last night for a night at the water park only to discover that it was reserved for the night. Dang! But I called upon the powers of Hadley and borrows Heidi's key to their pool. We had so much fun and Caitlyn loved "scubbing" in the water! There was another family there with four boys. One of them was I think perhaps 2 years old, he had on a swimming vest, one that looked more for boating, so it was pretty heavy duty. At one point the Dad put him on the side of pool on his back, the little boy couldn't get up! He looked like a stuck turtle - his vest was green! We all had a good laugh at his moment of rolling back and forth and strained arms to right himself!

And lastly I must mention my obsession with baskets! I LOVE THEM! I would have them all over the house if I could. Clean laundry looks funner to fold when I put it in my wicker laundry basket, I don't know why! I have found these wonderful rag baskets on ETSY and am wishing desperately for this one. Besides the obvious "green" friendly aspect, they are just so darn cute! I can just imagine Caitlyn's toys pouring out of these things! JOY!


{oh the possibilities}

2 observations:

Megan said...

Oh Breezy! You tease! You made me want to go swimming!

Houston said...

AAAAHHH!! I love water parks! I miss water parks! I NEEEED water parks! Hey..I may be too big for the slides nowadays..but there's always the lazy river and the wave pool!