Thursday, August 28, 2008

springville quilt show, volume 2

This was my second favorite at the quilt show. I love the simplicity of the colors. Yellow is such a bright, happy color. These bright blocks against the white background makes them just pop out at you. Little star bursts!

This was one of Caitlyn's favorite quilts. For some reason she loves the 4th of July! She can spot a grouping of red, white, and blue in the oddest places.

This was a really amazing quilt, it reminded me of those picture mosaics. But this quilt also had some 3-D effects. The coral was created with thick, fuzzy pink yarn, tied loosely to the quilt making is appear underwater. The starfish was very puffed out and made of a soft velvet material. The white coral in the bottom left corner was make from what looked like a glow in the dark material. Almost translucent. I think this quilter has been to the ocean quite a bit!

:: stayed tuned for a quilt contest in the next week ::

3 observations:

Amy J. said...

Wow...those are amazing and I can't even begin to think of all the time it took to make those! I am so glad you won my contest! WooHoo!

Heather said...

oh I absolutly adore that under the sea one.

Kamee said...

I'm with you and LOVE the yellow one...beings it's my favorite color. And your right yellow is just a happy color. But I am also with Caitlyn-there is just something about red-white & blue that catches my eye! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time looking at all the quilts...have you got one started yet?? Hey who knows maybe yours will be hanging in teh Art Museum soon:)