Wednesday, August 20, 2008

springville quilt show, volume one

So as luck would have it, the one night I was able to visit the Springville Art Museum to see the Quilt Show, was the night they were open past 5:00 (I am at the office until 6:00) So I dragged....Curtis and Caitlyn to tag along. Curtis has been bugging me for awhile to take a quilting class together, I think he envisions flames! I wish I had everyone with me, for my photographs will do no kind of justice for their beauty or crafts-"woman"-ship As we were leaving I heard Curtis laughing, I asked him what was funny and he said how many photos do you think there were on the card when we first came? I thought a moment and told him probably around 20, no more than that. He laughed again and said the camera now had 285 photos!!! HEE HEEE! I just couldn't help myself. WAIT! Don't leave, I promise not to post all 260 photos, I am painstakingly going through and choosing a few favorites and posting them days apart, but even then I will not be posting them all. So don't worry, I shan't bore you with a year of quilts.

I begin with this one. It wasn't my favorite as far as beauty goes, but for skill, time, and creativity, I think it was my favorite. Entitled "Honoring Our Pioneer Ancestors". If you look at the next two photos below you can see four large blocks across the top and bottom, and a closeup of one of these blocks. Each of these blocks has a quilted scene and the story written above it. Very detailed scenes. These were amazing and I cannot imagine the time it must have taken to plan out, cut out, sew together, it was amazing.

This is a photo from a few of the side blocks. The quilter has somehow (computerized sewing machine?) stitched the faces of her ancestors onto the fabric and then written out their information. It's a large family tree! From the middle of the quilt out. It was incredible. You will also notice the blue side and the pink side, her side, his side! CUTE! This quilt was amazing, simply amazing!

I thought Liss would like this one. It was amazing to me to see such small quilts - this one was probably about 30 x 30 - and then see how expensive they were to purchase.
I believe this one was about $360.


...things my husband likes...
thus ends volume one in the springville quilt show

4 observations:

Heather said...

holy moly 260 pictures WOW! you sure like your quilts

Amy J. said...

I did not inherit my mom's love of quilts and quilting. I think it is so sweet that your hubby supports your passion.

Heather said...

oh my goodness I LOOOOOOOVE your layout it is by far my favorite, SO cute!!

TaLaisa said...

Wow! I'm sitting here befuddled on how to make a simple turning 20 quilt. Can you do stuff like the pictures you took???????

Seriously, cutting and sewing squares is tough enough for me. I did go to the state fair last year and ooh and ahh over the quilts entered.

Such an amazing talent!