Friday, August 29, 2008

things my daughter bought me

I have been doing my bi-yearly clean out of each room in my house and just finished a few moments ago. (I am so tired) Two whole days, a kitchen full of DI items, not mine bags, and how did garage items get in the house? It is amazing how fast "things/garbage" can pile up in ones house. Things I thought I couldn't do without, and am now wondering why I kept them in the first place. Of course there are always those items you hang on to for years and years convinced that you will some day need them, only to discover that you don't and you get rid of them....only to then discover that you did need them and oops, they are now gone. Why is that? I have also come upon items that I bought for Caitlyn and ended up loving them for myself instead!

{ exhibit a }

Suave Detangling Spray


I was born with a wonderful head of hair....wait let me rephrase that, I developed a wonderful head of hair, or so I am told. I think I would love my thickness except for two factors; if not done right I look like a country singer from the sixties and it is so frizzy! I bought this detangler for Caitlyn and tried it on my poof one day.
It is wonderful, forget all those expensive serums, sprays, gels, shampoos, oils, whatever the "all-knowing" stylist tells you, just grab this $2.00 bottle at Wally World!

{ exhibit b }

I purchased this oh so wonderful tool from Wally World....Caitlyn hated the thing. So I figured out it is perfect for me to use to to rinse of my cleaner on my bathtub walls! With it's flat side it makes a perfect rinsing waterfall.


{exhibit c }

Caitlyn loves the little pet shops, and for $4.00 at Wally World, she can easily save her allowance to purchase one. When I saw this little fella on the shelf one fine shopping day I could not resist those eyes. How cute is he? So I bought myself a Little Pet Shop Hermit Crab and named him Mister Crabs.
He is a good pet.

{ exhibit d }


What in the world? I don't really get them all that much. Except that they are the most expensive stuffed animals I have ever seen! Caitlyn's friend Sarah has like 13 or 14 of these things. So Caitlyn wanted one. And after a few weeks of saving her allowance she had enough to get the little fish one. She was so excited! We took him home, opened the little envelope with the million locks, got the secret code, adopted him, and created his little water house online. She doesn't really get into the online stuff, but carries Baby Bach with her around the house. Then along comes this little mouse, how cute! Once again I could not resist and spent half of my own allowance on getting one. She is so cute and sits on my nightstand - I think this kind of kills off the romance for Curtis! But my little Despereaux is so sweet! I love her soft little whiskers.
She and Baby Bach are good friends!

3 observations:

Amy J. said...

What a fun post. Two things I am going to have to try! I am always looking around for something to rinse off the shower walls after they are cleaned! And Sydney's hair is the queen of frizz and snarlz! Very cute post and I love your mouse and "her" name! (Anderson has read that book 4 times)

Megan said...

Oh Aubrey, how you make me giggle. I know EXACTLY what you are saying! I do the same thing (except the get rid of them part).

Amy J. said...

Me again...your prize package will be in the mail on Tuesday (since the post office is closed on MOnday) Enjoy! I am so glad you were one of the winners! All three ladies that won are my cousins, how cool is that!