Thursday, September 04, 2008

springville quilt show, v. 3

This won best in show - wonder why!!! If you can zoom in do!
:: The Story of Christ's Birth ::

This was my favorite quilt. I am a big fan of the Hawaiian quilt blocks. They are so intricate and detailed, and yet look so simple against the solid background. I think this block is called breadfruit, but I am not sure. My ultimate quilt goal is to create a quilt very similar to this for Curtis and my bed.
It is beautiful.

.: Caitlyn's favorite quilt :.

They have a room in the center of the museum that is a place to sit and just relax. Iron chairs and tables, greenery, an amazing fountain donated by a local artist, and a high ceiling create a quite, soothing atmosphere. Hanging from the ceiling is this flying machine created by the same local artist who designed the fountain. On the north side of the room is the spiral staircase that leads up to the paintings and sculptures on the second floor. This photo was taken through a window on the staircase overlooking this room. The layout of this museum is beautiful, and the architecture takes my breath away. It reminds me of an old manor in England, where the halls are almost mazes and just when you think there can be no more you stumble upon another hall or doorway leading to who know where.

This was one of my favorite paintings. There was just something in the simplicity that caught my breath. The beauty of the woman and the charm of her room are stunning.

Could I get some of these windows in my house please?
How gorgeous is this Gothic window?


.: President Hinckleys 6 B's :.

Obviously there are more than 6 bee blocks on this quilt, the three new ones have been added on, but what I am looking for is the first person to post the original 6 B's -
on your honor to not zoom in on the photograph!

Great prizes in store!

2 observations:

Melissa Mae Johnson said...

Be Kind
Be Humble
Be Smart
Be Worthy
Be Thoughtful
Be Grateful

I know I got SOME of them right

Aubrey said...

Close enough my friend! You prize is in the mail!