Friday, January 09, 2009

burritos are sleeping bags for ground beef

In lieu of Christmas gifts for us older kids, my MIL gave us all a bit-o-money to spend. Now I will admit that when given money as a gift I struggle very hard to spend it on myself. I have become a lot better the past few years, either putting it away for a rainy day or truly buying something just for me! This year I did awesome! I have been wanting some attachments for my KitchenAid for some time, but they can be rather expensive. But when I saw that they had a 25% cash back offer, I could not help myself!

So FINALLY this arrived in the mail and I put everything
I had going on on hold and played!

Caitlyn and I dashed to the store before I had to open the office, bought the biggest potato possible and made chips! Well, they were more like round french fries, but I told Caitlyn once that in England - you should hear her British accent if you ever get the chance - they call them chips. So we had chips!

Thank you Tamara for the money!
Thank you G'ma Lindgren for the KitchenAid!

On a sad note, I had a goal to reach my 100th posting to the day of starting my Blog. I totally missed it! But when it does happen, look for a fun contest and perhaps a few prizes!


Curtis' birthday is coming up next week and I was trying to figure out what to do for him. He has already decided on his gift and since it involves his WarHammer guys I am staying clear and letting him do the purchase himself. Caitlyn and I talked for a minute about what to do for Daddy on his birthday. I asked if she thought we should make him his favorite meal, and she told me we should take him out to the bbq chinese restaraunt. There is a Mongolian BBQ in town, one of the only good places to eat in po-dunk-ville....I mean Springville. And then I thought about how Curtis I pretty much have three dates a year, Anniversary and Birthdays. Pretty sad. I think one of our goals this year should be to get out more together, even if we just grab a cheap sandwich and go for a drive for an hour.
Dates don't have to be an event do they?

I would love to get some new ideas for some inexpensive dates....anyone?


And speaking of birthdays, the new FABLEHAVEN comes out 3 days after mine. Sooooo if anyone wants any ideas of what to get me
.....laa laa laaa laaa!

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...or you could all go in together and get me this

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Amy J. said...

I am so proud of you! I have to be given gift cards or my birthday money tends to slip into grocery money, and diaper money...

Well, I was planning on reading the 2nd Fablehaven but today on the way to school Cayden just went on and on and on about it so I think I pretty much won't get to without any spoilers! This must be the 4th one already!? I have the first two in paperback and was going to hold off on buying the 3rd until it comes in paperback but the way Cayden is gobbling up this series I guess I won't have any choice but to buy it. :)

I not the one to ask about good date mean Walmart and Subway dont count? Dang it.

Amy J. said...

OH...I use Adobe Elements and I purchse it at Costco in November when it is only $40...but the $80 it is normally is totally worth it and you don't have to update it every year like I do.

I will SO have to show Cayden that Fablehaven website! Thanks!

Noelle said...

mine and abe's free-est date is one we've always done: got to barnes and noble, grab some magazines in each of our favorite genres (me - houseplans/house magazines him - cars/outdoor magazines) and we each get a yummy treat from starbucks where we sit, share our desserts and look at magazines and talk about what we are interested in.

Safire said...

Our cheep date is to go to Chuck E Cheese (I know, I know) and play skee ball and then go get ice cream. Or take a walk with the dog. It's very low key but the idea is to reconnect with your hunny, not spend money. :)

Melissa Mae Johnson said...

Yay for chips! I LOVE Caitlyns british accent. She is a silly nugget. As for cheap dates? We get a babysitter for dinner (not to eat, of course, but to watch Mae) for an hour or so, then we put Mae to bed and play a game of scrabble or watch a movie at home.