Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I bought a car - turned out to be an alien robot. Who knew?

HURRAH! I can finally post my latest cakes. The party is over, the presents opened and the cake is being digested!

Aaron and Curtis both have birthdays in January so we starting pairing the two together for a joint party. Such good sports, if they were 20 years younger they would probably be throwing fits! This year I made a double cake, each had their own half. I was lazy and made a simple King Sized Chocolate Cake. (I am begging everyone, if you have an amazing chocolate cake that comes out of the baking pan, puh-lease share!!!!) So the cake itself wasn't anything amazing, but I am loving working with fondant. Caitlyn has requested a Handy Manny cake for her 5th about challenge. Curtis - bless him - in convinced I can do it....pisha! I think if I add his amazing artistic skills to my meager ones we may be able to come up with something! We shall see!

On with the show!

This little beauty was a wonder for new best friend in cake decorating!

Caitlyn always, always goes for my couplers when the cake boxes come out. She play Alex from Madagascar for the rest of the day! I am not sure what this face is....but when I try and take pictures of her for whatever reason she looks away from the camera....!!?? Christmas pictures with Kamee were hilarious!!

Something I hate about decorating with fondant and those oober concentrated colors.

{ Curtis' Side }
Transformers...more than meets the eyes
Transformers...they have metal thighs

{ Aaron's Side }

"Germany had declared war on the Jones boys"

Caitlyn put the legos together for me and then did a wonderful Broadway Musical of Indiana Jones. The songs she was singing were so funny! I wish I recorded them. One went something like this....

*cough cough*
Indiana Jones is saving his daaaaaaaad so they can go on an adventure to saaaaaave the day!

P.S. The cake tasted amazing and Mae even ate the fondant!


My friend told me about this blog and I can't stop looking at it! Pages upon pages of ruined, funny, ridiculous, and gorgeous cakes. If you have an hour or two to spare, check it out!
Here is the latest post from cakewrecks
. . .

Why Little Suzy Needs Therapy!

"Mo-ooom! Have you seen Giselle?"
"Suzy, what did I tell you about leaving your dolls lying around?"
"I don't know."
"You don't know? So you're telling me you don't remember any of the HUNDRED times I've warned you about leaving your toys strewn around the house?"
"So you don't remember what I said yesterday? About what would happen if I found your doll on the floor one more time?"
"Ummmm... Maybe you said something..."


[whining] "But I want my dolly! You HAVE to give her BACK!"
"Oh, don't you worry, honey. I'm sure she'll turn up after dinner."

5 observations:

Amy J. said...

I love the Indiana Jones song, and Aubrey, your cakes is pretty cool too. Just kidding woman, that is amazing! I love using Lego guys on cakes.

Elise Peterson: said... cake?!?!?! The crap?! How could someone bring themselves to eat something that looks like that, haha! And yes, your cake was Ah-mah-zing, as usual :D I can't wait until my birthday so I can get one.....since I didn't get one last year....NOT FORGIVEN!!! ;)

Melissa Mae Johnson said...

That cake was AWESOME, as always! You really really should start a cake business, Aubs. I'll design your website!

chellekay said...

Love the cake and the song

btw you have been tagged! See my blog.

Heather said...

I tagged you too, but Chelle tagged you first, lol.

I need to come up with a great and difficult cake for you to make me.