Thursday, February 17, 2011

crafting is fun! (duh!)

Hey remember this contest?
Remember how some people won some stuff?
Remember how it took me forever to find the items
I needed for my special prizes and thanks to one
amazing lady I was able to find them all?
(thanks miss b!)

Well.....remember how I finally sent them off to you four ladies?
You don't!
Well here is proof that I did....

{ thanks for your patience }

Look at this cute fabric I found for an amazing
deal at the fabric store....what to do with it?
What. To. Do.

Why, make some sweet little Valentine owls
for the ladies I work with
{ saving a cute little pink one for me of course! }
How cute are these? I mean seriously, how cute!

I want a family of them living in Little Loves bedroom
before the month is out.

I was a fool.

A fool to try another new cake recipe.
The recipes I have for my cakes are
Moist. Flavorful.
They hold up well to the gallons of frosting I apply!

I could not resist. The cake in the photo looked amazing.
While the cake was good, it is not even close to my recipe. Not even close.
the roses all around the outside of the cake. Isn't it romantic looking? I had originally wanted to do a light spray of yellow on the roses and then cover that with the pink. But after testing it out a few times, even calling upon the powers of grayskull from my Sweet Knees, I still was unable to get the look I wanted - I need an airbrush. I think I am glad that it didn't work out. I love the white roses. What do you think?

...i think i need to attend a photo class for blogs....

8 observations:

BensonFam said...

Beautiful cake and ADORABLE owls! Pretty, pretty please share your pattern? :)

{ bRee } said...

TESTING TESTING TESTING ( Liss I am trying this test for you.....)

Elise Peterson: said...

Aubrey, that cake is BEAUTIFUL!! Seriously, I have never seen anything like it. When I get married....if I ever get married....I want that for me wedding cake!

Heather said...

That cake is so pretty!!!!

Also I want one of those cute owls!!! um hello. HOOOOOTon?

{ bRee } said...

I know Heather! I kept thinking about you whilest sewing these cute little things! Tell me the colors and I will make one for you for sure!

Anonymous said...

That cake is fantastic!!!

{ bRee } said...

Thank you Emily :)

Megan said...

Bree! Your present is soooo-o cute and nice! The cake is! Well, PERFECT! And owls! Good golly Ms. Molly!