Sunday, June 19, 2011

hair accessories. . .the bane of my existence

I am constantly finding Little Love’s hair accessories around the house. She is becoming better at leaving them in her hair for more than two seconds, but they somehow end up all over the place! She uses them to play with as ropes to tie up a polly, as belts to hold up her handmade washcloth dresses for her barbies, as the reins on her horses! Why is it that we as parents spend the money on toys and accessories for the toys only to have them pushed away for something that is lying around the house?? It’s funny! But amazing that these children with all the modern conveniences and excessive toys we buy for them, still revert to the glorious gift of imagination that our Heavenly Father gave them! I find it hard to stay frustrated at the things I find around my home when that little voice reminds me of how special this little spirit is.
(stepping down from my soap box)
Anyway! I have wanted to make a cute hair bow holder for awhile, but I have not really found anything I like. Then I happened upon this adorable little mirror at Hobby Lobby in their clearance section only $1.50! Can you believe that? I was so excited! And of course with my lovely obsession with ribbons, I knew I would be able to find something to attach to the bottom! I used some of my leftover flowers from my wreath and glued them on the front of the mirror. Then I glued the ribbons on the back!

How simple right??  And it looks co dang cute in her bathroom!

I made a wreath for my door a few months ago - I was not happy with how it turned out. And then someone mentioned that it looked like algae growing on my door which made me hate it even worse! So this time around - with a gentle reminder from Sweet Knees to take my time and plan out my project - I made a new spring wreath!  I love it so much! The paper roses were time consuming but so much fun to make. Little Love made one too, she is very proud and keeps asking me which one it was after I had glued them on. My only worry is that the sun may fade away the colors - oh and the fact that monsoon season just started!!  It might be tucked inside the house for a little bit before I feel safe enough to put it back outside - like say on the front door of our new house!!! 

4 observations:

Elise Peterson: said...

Oh my gosh, Aubrey! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your wreath!! Those colors are beautiful! Love it. Love it. Want it. need it. Did you make the paper flowers? Because if so: Tutorial please!
And that mirror idea is so clever. It's looks adorable!

{ bRee } said...

Thank you Elise! I did make the flowers! I will email a tutorial - they are super easy! My next project is to try and make them out of frosting!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your wreath makes mine look like poo!!! Your wreath is beautiful!!!

Jill said...

What a great idea!