Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Halloween That Almost Wasn't

then suddenly she realized that she never posted any Halloween pictures and she hung her head in utter shame.

We did not make it to the pumpkin patch this year but we still had a blast carving our pumpkins!

Sweet Knees as always pulled out the big guns when it came to his pumpkin! As Little Love and I were inside carving like normal people, he was outside with his dremel.pumpkin was flying everywhere!!  But I guess I have to admit, his always look amazing.

Something I have always loved about Little Love is that she is so incredibly unique at what she wants to be for Halloween. While all her little friends were princesses she was Tim Noah Jungle Explorer!  She never is bothered explaining to people who or what she is...I bet that is why she does it, to have a conversation starter with as many people as she can!  This year she chose JEM. you know, from that 80's cartoon, the one where she is really Jerrica digsuised as JEM the Rock Star and she has to touch her magic earrings to be made into JEM? of course there is no JEM sewing pattern so we made due the best we could. She loved it!

We went to a friend neighborhood out in Gilbert for Tricks or Treats. It was so fun, just like when we were little. Kids all over the place! People laughing and talking to neighbors! It was the best Halloween I have had since I was a kid.

This is the Booth Family. We road out together to the Ferguson's house. 

After we went to have dinner at Chipotle, they had $1.00 burritos if you came in costume - couldn't pass that up! 


(i still think I win for best costume- stay at home mom!)

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