Friday, November 14, 2008

if a picture says a thousand words

....imagine what a million pictures would say! I have been blogging in my head for days and just haven't found a long enough moment to sit and put it all down! There are a hundred things on my to do list, and after cleaning out a few rooms, I have just added a hundred more. I love cleaning out Caitlyn's room, amazing how much stuff a 4 year old can accumulate into such a small space. I took out two very large and overflowing laundry baskets full of stuff that did not belong there, could be sent on its way to the d.i., or just needed to be forgotten in the garbage bin. I finally took 10 minutes and went through my tool box, I have four hammers in there! FOUR! What female needs four hammers, now I know why I had so much trouble getting the box to close! I have almost all my Christmas shopping done, all that remains is the unknown gift for the Williams Family Party, I am breathing again! We had our ward activities meeting the other day for the upcoming Christmas Party. I am grateful for the simplicity and true spirit of our committee. They don't get caught up in all the hype of decor and fancy food, it is truly about what these get togethers are about; being with our ward family and feeling the spirit. One of my assignments is the two foyer posters, erk! I am not so good with posters. Thank heavens for the internet and all the truly creative people out there from which I can gather ideas!

I just thought this was a cute picture of I posted it!

Oh I hate that my little garden in gone. In this old post I mentioned I was planting some green peppers. Now, I am not a fan of green peppers, but these bits of heaven were amazing! I just ate them like an apple, they will definitely be in the plans for next year! I think the fact that my little garden resides against a large cement wall helped in making this garden HUGE! Mom told me that people weren't having much luck with their tomatoes this year...mine must have sucked all the tomato growing power in the state, I couldn't keep them under control! And the same goes for my zucchini plant! I am sure my family was so sick of zucchini everything they were glad to see the monster die! So with that being said, when the time came to cut down the plants and turn them in the soil - thank you loving husband and ever helpful daughter - there were a ton of tomatoes still on the vines, green, yellow and red. Of course the red were eaten very quickly, but the green and yellows were divided into a bunch of brown bags and stored on our closet shelf. They slowly rippened and we used them in our everyday cooking and eating! But there were so many that were going to go bad and we just couldn't get to them in time, so I made a batch of Mom's chili sauce - delish! And when the last tomatoes were ripe I made the most amazing tomato soup!

It came out really thick and condensed, I think next time I will be more prepared with my jars to can the stuff! I just added some milk and of course a grilled gouda and cheddar cheese sandwhich - AMAZING!

These are Caitlyn's two favorite poses in her Halloween costume! She had so much fun with it, it was hard to get it off of her at night!

I took this picture of Caitlyn and her friends from school - ALL the girls were in princess or with costumes. Caitlyn was certainly unique in hers!

Springville is such a great community! They have a Trick-or-Treat on Main Street every year, and it is packed! We arrived right at 3:00 when it started and there were alreay lines of people! By the time we were done the sidewalks were . The youth committee plans it all and you can spot them on each corner in their bright vests and flags making sure people cross the streets safely. It is wonderful, so many businesses get involved. The seniors from the senior center even come and hand out candy. Mostly their costumes are just silly hats, and I got such a kick out of two of the men wearing royal crowns!

This is Caitlyns plant named Row. We forgot to water her one weekend when we stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's house. OOPS! But she survived and is doing great!

And lastly, here is my latest project! We bought one of the storage unit at the last auction, and oh the wonderful things we have found! (More to come on that!) One of the great find was this solid wood dresser. I have been wanting to get one for Caitlyn, but to get a nice one it is a lot of money. I was so pleased to find this! I had these gorgeously unique handles that I have been wanting to put in Caitlyn's room and this dresser was perfect!

So with some cleaning, new paint, new handles this is the result! It is perfect! I hadeto make extra holes for the longer drawer pulls; they make it look so easy on t.v.! Once I had the right drill bit things went a lot more smoothly!

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The Finlays said...

I am glad to know that I am not the only one that blogs in my head when I can't make it to the computer. I am also glad to know that I am not the only one almost done with their Christmas shopping. Jake has been giving me a hard time for doing it so early but I just want it done and out of the way. I am going again tonight and then I think that will be it. And I am with you, if feels wonderful! Great job on Caitlyn's dresser. I love the handles.

Noelle said...

i love this post. you are so amazing with all of your uses of your garden. i just grab it off the shelf and open the can. i'm feeling a bit white trash at the moment. thanks a lot. anyway, i'm glad you showed a picture of caitlins outfit. perfect for her inquisitive and imaginative nature. what you did with that dresser is so very lovely. way to go!

Heather said...

cailtyn look so cute in her costume!! I also can't believe how creative you are!! I love what you did with the dresser.

BensonFam said...

Great job on that dresser! I have an old wood dresser that I love the shape of, but that badly needs some TLC. It's such a huge project that it scares me, but you have given me confidence! :)

Bown Fam said...

The dresser looks great! What a little homemaker you are making dresses for Caitlyn, making pretty cakes, cooking dinner... man I have a long way to go. I always want to spruce up old furniture like that, but I don't think I could do it that nice. WOW!